DRAKE LYRIC STICKERS (Pack of 10) #Drakeonshakes

DRAKE LYRIC STICKERS (Pack of 10) #Drakeonshakes

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Forget Drake on cake, we are all about 'Drake on Shakes'! Quite frankly we think we are genius, what could be better than sippin' this years trendy freakshake whilst spttin' some of Drake's best one liners? Don't forget to share your creations with us on Instagram using #DrakeonShakes !

  • Easy to adhere to a range of surfaces including glass or plastic. 
  • Quote width: 2 inches
  • Quote height: Varies from quote to quote: 1.5 inches - 4 inches
  • Glass not included
  • Stickers will arrive on transfer tape, simply place transfer tape onto the glass, rub over the lyrics and peel away the tape leaving the stickers on the glass. 
  • Glasses are hand wash only once stickers have been adhered
  • Pack includes 10 quotes
  • Choose from a selection of 11 different colours
  • Photos show midnight vinyl

Quotes vary from pack to pack and will include a random selection of 10 of the following quotes:

  • You used to call me on my...
  • Got the hennessy in my hand
  • Grips on your waist front way back way
  • Hot love and emotion
  • I'm too good to you
  • Late night when you need my love
  • Never much love when we go OT
  • I need a one dance
  • Started from the bottom
  • Straight up to my face
  • Started wearing less and going out more
  • That's the motto baby yolo